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Episode #239 – What You Don’t See IS Your Customer’s Reality

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“The customer’s perception is your reality.” K.Zabriskie

Have you ever walked in to a store and wondered if they ever clean?  I did that this morning… on my way to work I stopped at a convenience store to grab some cookies, shocker I know.  But I stopped in and well, in Minnesota we’re at that time of year… the time of year when it looks like the floors have never been washed because of snow tracking in and melting.

The funny thing is, if you visit our marina in the summer, let’s say a Saturday around 5:30 pm, the bathrooms look horrendous!  Honestly, there are times it looks like they’ve never been cleaned, even though we clean them several times a day.  They get used.

This is the point of today’s inspiration… even though we clean the bathroom several times a day, that customer using the bathroom is having a “first time” experience sampling our cleanliness.  Kinda frightening, eh?!

This recretainment philosophy is vital to your customer experience… that’s a “first time” experience.  Your customer is the only person in their world!  Whether it’s going through your shopping process or your visitor center or simply receiving a letter from you.

A letter?  That can be a perception experience?


We send out mailings often and I involve our new staff to help with labeling. The reason I do this is, well, first to get the mailing out quickly, but second to teach discipline.  Labeling is boring and it seems to go on forever.  It’s difficult to stay focused, especially when you know your phone is just “over there” and you can’t look at it… but here’s the deal… I break through all of that and get our new crew to think, “I may get 400 labels on straight, but the one that I don’t is the ONLY one that customer receives” then we figure out what impression that crooked label makes.

I’m not saying we’re messy because of our bathrooms or that we’re sloppy because of our labels, but every impression counts.  Each customer has a unique experience regardless of how streamlined your process seems to be.


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Action Steps
1-  Review your “everyday” processes and see if you are providing the same experience, the experience you want to provide, to every customer!  Especially when it’s busy or a very boring task!
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