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Episode #215 – The Secret is Customers NOT Competing.

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“Obsess over your customers instead of your competitors.”

It’s fun to think about your competition. You look up their products and services. Sometimes you check the pricing, maybe you “secret shop” the competition to find out exactly what they are doing different from you. However… here’s a piece of advice…

It doesn’t matter!

Focus on your customers and they’ll take care of you.

The natural thing to consider when you are analyzing how you fit into the market is to look to your competitors and size yourself up.  But the problem is, there are many factors that are bundled into your success.  Price is one.  But location, length of time in business, ranking on the internet, and loyalty.

Loyalty is one important area you can focus on.  You cannot control it but you can control some of the factors that build loyalty.  Think about the areas that make up relationship loyalty… time spent together, sharing information, listening to the person.  Making the other person feel important.

Sounds like something you can handle in your social marketing, right?!?!

This is the prized part of the infinity marketing machine you are building.  You need to put time and effort into this area, but when you focus on providing information that your followers want to read and you do this in a manner that feels like a conversation instead of a one-sided advertisement. You will build loyalty.

This loyalty builds the bond that keeps your customers around for a long time and more important it turns them into advocates for your business. They become promotors of your business by providing referrals and references!

Therefore, while you may feel in control by comparing yourself to your competition, it’s far more valuable to focus on the relationship you build with your customers, especially your ability to engage with them by providing great content they want to read!


SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Focus on customers.  Today – make the commitment to build that relationship with your customers a little better… post a behind the scenes fun post, to give them a little insider view of what’s going on at work!  It’s a fun way to build a closer bond with your customers.
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