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Episode #204 – Make Money Selling This One Thing To Bachelorette Parties

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“Money can be earned in so many ways now. Always think outside of the box and chase your passions”

Don’t you dare tell me you can’t make money online… there are unlimited ways to do it!  The Infinity Marketing Machine is the second phase to making money.  It’s the tool you use once you’ve identified customers. You do what you can to attract customers and have them sign up for your database.


Before you do this you can find many ways to make money. You can create your own info product, get paid for referrals by being an affiliate, you can resell things or you can make them.

Even as an existing business that has customers coming through your door… you can create a secondary line of revenue, driven from internet sales!  That means you can be a person working at a job and make money online as a hobby business / side hustle  OR as a pre-existing small business by creating a new profit center!

If you still don’t believe me, it’s all in the numbers.  What you’re doing online is magnified by the niche market concept.  Niche markets are best explained like this.  You can specialize your product and sell to your local market but magnify it all across the country/world.

Let’s say you sell pianos.  There are 15 people in your town that are possible buyers of pianos.  But that 15 people is consistent across the entire state.  Therefore, your city is surrounded by 4 cities, and then each of those cities are surrounded by 4 cities, and so on… the original 15 pianos in your one town suddenly becomes available for sale in thousands of cities.  That is the power of niche markets.

The scale to which you can sell your pianos… is BIG!

Let’s say you buy a heat press and you decide you are going to create and sell can coolers for bachelorette parties.  Take Minnesota as an example…. And I’m going to use made up numbers… You can plug your own numbers however you choose… but,  let’s say a bar in the Twin Cities has 4 bachelorette parties on a Saturday and then you guesstimate there are 20 bars/clubs.  Each bachelorette party has 6 women.   You sell 6 can coolers to each party, 20 bars x 4 parties= 80 parties.  That means 80 parties require 6 can coolers, OR 480 can coolers on one Saturday night.  Hummmmmmm

You make each can cooler for 42 cents and you sell it for $3.00 each.  You make $2.58 on each can cooler.  If you sold to every party that’s 480 x $2.58 OR $1,238.40 on one Saturday night!!!

So the skeptical person now says… your numbers are all made up and there’s no way that you can sell to every party at every bar in the city. You are wrong. This is wrong.

Fine… you are absolutely right AND I agree totally.  Prove me wrong. Go out there.  Create can coolers and sell them to crazy brides.  There are crazy brides EVERYWHERE!  You make them can coolers, sell them on etsy and prove me wrong!  Force yourself to create designs and then when you realize you can’s sell to all bridal parties in one city…

Try this…

On any given Saturday across the entire United States are there 80 bachelorette parties?  There are 50 states… I’m pretty sure there is at least one bachelorette party in every state of the union on every Saturday night.

You see… just like the pianos, it’s impossible to sell to everyone in your town… but when you look at the entire country and at ONE niche… dang.  You have a whole bunch of bachelorette parties!

For more fun, take the 80 parties x 52 weeks a year.  That’s $1,238.40 x 52 = $64,396.80!!!

Yes. It’s possible to make money on the internet.

Can Coolers are awesome… you can make it as a “hobby business” for fun extra cash or you could add can coolers as a profit center to a small business.  That’s why I say this niche targeting works for existing businesses and hobby businesses by one person.

If you want more information on how niche and breaking down numbers works…Grab my free copy of my report: LittleMillionaire


SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- There is one product in your business that you can turn into a profit center.  Really there is! Look for it and find it… this just might become your infinity product.
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