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Episode #204 – Add a Surprise Where Ever You Can!

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Get Creative!  You might be required do add an element to your business or product… but it doesn’t have to be boring!  I’ve seen business that hang the labor law posters from the ceiling!   A while ago, one of my employees pointed this super creative detail out to me.

It’s the Mike and Ike’s candy package with a very creative idea… the UPC code is fancy!

Look at it.

It’s functional and fun!  They took the name of the candy and morphed the UPC code in the center… super fabulous.

This got me wondering, is there some way to add creativity to your most boring aspect of your business?  Can you add a little bit of personality to the lobby… stairway… bathroom?   Paint can go a long way… just take a look at these area with fresh eyes.

Your possibilities are endless!

After all, this is a UPC symbol, YAWN!  now it’s a pretty neat part of the package.


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