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Episode #180 – What We Can Learn About Goal Achievement From My Dog.

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My dog is overweight.  He needs to lose about 10 lbs.  He’s always been a picky eater.  He also eats when he wants.  So sometimes he won’t eat his kibble for a day or two other times he eats it right away.  It is the magic that is him.

However, about two months ago I started to notice he kinda just stopped eating it – he’d eat a little, but for the most part it sat in his bowl.  He gets canned food at night, so it didn’t bug me, and the weather was hot, so again, I figured it was “just him” – but then  I read an article that dogs can become bored with their food.

Last week I went to the pet food store and received some sample packs… OH MY.  For three days he devoured each new pack of kibble.  Then you know what happened.

He won’t even go near his bowl unless it’s the “good stuff”.

Mr. Pancake now has me trained.  His goal was to get the “good” kibble.  Today, he got good kibble.

When you goal set,  the goal is the important part.  How you accomplish the goal is the area you need the flexibility.  There are many methods to get you from A to B.  Be willing to adjust your path, your time line, the methods!

The road block keeping you from the goal is probably a good thing!  While achieving a goal is not easy, it shouldn’t be awful.  When it is awful, take that as a clue that you need to adjust SOMETHING.  You need to do something different.  Don’t let frustration make you quit.  Instead use the frustration as the “hey… something isn’t working” alarm and readjust!

Eyes on the prize.

Go for the goal.


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Action Steps
1- If you’re having a problem achieving a goal… stop.  Identify the trouble area… the why the goal is not being achieved.
2- Brainstorm!  Come up with several different paths to goal achievement.
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