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Episode #179 – Do These Two Things Or Your Social Marketing Will Suffer

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What are you doing to be great?  The inspiration for today is “the results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply”… therefore, you have to do something… you must DO.  You can think and plan but you have to “do” to achieve.

Here’s where I twist the inspiration.  What does direct proportion really mean?  It sounds like you put in 100% effort and you get 100% result.   I’m not sure that’s the case.  Let’s look at dieting.

If you want to lose weight, start exercising.  Walk 30 minutes a day.  You’ll lose weight, right?  Not necessarily.  If you eat the same amount of food you might lose weight, but if you were previously walking 40 minutes a day, then you won’t.  If you start eating more “bad stuff” you probably won’t lose weight either.   Now, let’s say you start eating healthy but don’t exercise, you may lose weight, too but very slow.  This leaves you with a “combination” problem.  To lose weight diet and exercise together will produce the results.

Both work together better!

Same holds true for content and consistency in regards to your social media plan.

I’ve used the “dating” example before.  If your new love interest showers you in dates and lovely conversation you are happy and fulfilled… but then they disappear, pop back in your life, then go away again.  It’s a very mixed message.  The result you achieve from the “date” is that you are confused and unfulfilled compared to the initial consistent showering with attention.

If you start on a campaign for your customers to bring them important information about your industry or business, you must continue on a regular schedule.  Otherwise you’re like the mystery date that disappeared.  Your customers loved the initial attention, then “poof” it was gone. This leaves them less likely to be ready to receive your messages and offers!

So it’s not just the message you deliver, you must deliver the message consistently.  Content and consistency work best together for social marketing success, just like diet and exercise  work best together for weight loss success.

Question of the Post:
What are the two things that hold you back from doing social marketing regularly? (answer here)

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