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Episode #168 – How to Change Your Social Marketing and Get Results

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Ahhh… favorite topic alert!  I’m currently writing the best book in the universe.  You might ask, how do I know it’s the best in the universe.  Because why would I set out to write the worst book in the universe. Anything you do should have the mindset that it’s the best.  Now when I finish the book and someone else thinks it’s crap, oh well.

Here’s the reason I mention my book.   I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the topic of how to teach social marketing to a small business owner.  My background is growing up a family business and this summer I made a huge switch in our marketing that has gone well.  Here’s the deal, however, this huge switch has happened during our busy season… we’re a marina.  So, I’ve modified and added rather intense marketing procedures while continuing to go through our summer business cycle.   The constant “pull of time” is real.  I am living it.

I don’t have time, neither do you.

And then the nay-sayers come in and say, “of course you have time, we all have the same 24 hours” yeah… that’s untrue.  Not the part about 24 hours.   We all have 24 hours.  But they are not the same 24 hours.  If I told you, as a business owner, the secret to social marketing (which I’d still love to know) but let’s say I did…AND I told you the secret… the problem is the, “go implement it”.

I have spent decades with a computer.  I mean, what nerd enters a computer contest in 8th grade in 1983?  UM… I’m raising my hand!

We both just learned the secret to social marketing. We both “go implement it” and our 24 hours is drastically different.  My 24 hours of implementing is reduced by decades of experience.  It would be like putting a beautiful piece of sheet music down in front of me at a piano and saying… “Play”.  I mean the answer is right there in front of you.  I have no idea how to play a piano.

What my summer experiment has taught me is that you need to do one thing well.  If you already have a Facebook page for your business, fantastic!  Just keep going. Develop consistency in your habit for posting and develop a clear message.  Then, if the need arises, go on to the next platform.  The reason the need would arise is if your demographic of your target customer changes.

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

I remember when Facebook first started and everyone would brag about how many “friends” they had… then Facebook make the number of friends irrelevant by only sharing information on your wall that you “engaged” with.  This was in an effort to reduce clutter.

That’s kind of social media as a whole.  Sure it sounds “cool” to say you’re on 5 platforms… but, it’s not necessary.  You can measure the “likes” you receive on a post.  And it’s important to pay attention to them because a like shows engagement.  But you can’t buy a chicken sandwich with “likes”.  Seriously, you cannot go to McDonalds and say, I’ll pay for that chicken sandwich with 100 “likes” however, if the engaging post you create brings customers in your door to buy your product, you can use the profit to buy a chicken sandwich.  Remember that.  Your social marketing plan is to bring engagement to build your audience loyalty.  The loyalty is what will create sales.  Focus on that.

Question of the Post:
What are the two things that overwhelm you about social marketing at your business? Please answer here it will help me focus my book’s message!

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Action Steps
1- Focus your efforts.  Pick one: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest
2- Develop a consistency plan.  Will you post once a week?  Three times a week?  What ever you pick is fine.  As long as it’s consistent.
3- Content theme… what is the main thing your business helps customers do?  Is it relax, stay organized, make money?  Find that theme and talk about it.  (don’t sell it… chat with a friend)
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