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Episode #170 – Iceberg! Success Below the Surface

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Iceberg! I saw this Infographic on Twitter (@wordstionary) this morning and had to share it. It’s perfect.  It shows what an overnight success entails.

When you look at success you see the success but you don’t see the hard work.  OK, sometimes you see hard work because it’s just below the surface.  But look at what else we don’t see… persistence, late nights, discipline, rejections, courage, criticism, changes, and risks.

All of that is below the surface.

Sound familiar?

Sure does!

But now what about the “floaties” or the break off pieces along side the iceberg?  What about the honesty, passion, good habits, innovation and dedication?

That’s the part that intrigues me about this Infographic!

We have courage and discipline on the main iceberg hanging below the surface… but the passion and dedication are close by floating around in the water.  That’s crazy but it makes a lot of sense.  Passion and dedication are supporting factors of success but they aren’t part of the main success.

Think about it.

Someone can have a lot of passion and dedication, and yet, still not achieve success.  For example, you could have a great deal of passion and dedication to salmon fishing, but if you’re located in Florida instead of Alaska, it’s not going to work out too well for you.

The “floaties” are fine and you need them, but when you look at what really goes into success, it’s the dangerous stuff below the water that you need to be aware of to make better decisions.  Watch out for the rejections and criticism and hold on to the courage and persistence…

Anyway, just thought it was a cool piece of art to share and make you ponder!

Question of the Post:
If you could only have three of the “below the water” elements, which would you pick to create success?

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