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Episode #155 – Set a Micro Goal On Your Path to Success

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Wow! How close to success are you?  Have you ever quit and then later wondered if you had kept going would you have been a success?

Both are funny questions because if you wonder how close to success you are… it doesn’t seem like you have a plan to success.

People succeed because they start with an end game.  They have a clear vision of what it is they are working toward.  This end goal is very specific and very visual.  It’s been written down.  Therefore, they’ll know when they achieve it.  More important they can see what they need to do to achieve the success.

If you have a specific outcome you can “back out” a plan.  For example, if you say you want cake.  That’s a little vague.  Ask 5 people to describe their ideal cake.  You’ll get chocolate, carrot, marble, pink frosting, cup cake… it goes on and on.   However, if you say you want a birthday flavored cup cake with blue frosting and sprinkles, there’s a path to get to it.  Either go to the store and buy it or make it.  If you make it, you can buy a cake mix or all of the ingredients, and finally you need the pan.  At that point, simply follow directions and whala, success.

If you want to be the best at what ever your business does.  That’s fine. But on the days when you feel totally overwhelmed and lost, it’s because “best” is too vague.  You need a specific and measurable goal.   This goal needs micro-goals, too.  And this needs to be reevaluated monthly.  It may seem like a bit much until you actually flounder.  When you sit with no clear path going to your business day in and day out feeling overwhelmed, break your own pattern and set a goal.  Just a micro goal for the day.  Feel the sense of accomplishment of figuring out what is the most important thing to get done that moves you forward to the big goal.  Just one.

This summer has been extremely busy for me at our marina.  I’ve been implementing an entire new social media marketing system, in addition to daily “stuff” that happens at a marina (you wouldn’t believe the stories) – but anyway, the stories can easily distract.  I have  used this “one goal” focus every day.  It does work.  If I did not do this, I’d still have a “hope” of implementing a new marketing system instead of 75% accomplishment.  I’m super happy with it so far, I can’t wait to share the journey!

Again, when you feel overwhelmed and wonder if it’s worth quitting, stop… regroup… and set a goal.  Start small, focus on what you really want, and keep going.  The way to beat “overwhelm” is to set a goal around it.


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Action Steps
1- Identify a big success have you been “putting off” or you feel overwhelmed by.
2- Create a micro-goal and push through to success.
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Have you ever pushed through “not quitting” and found success?

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