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Episode #156 – Don’t Get Left Behind, Look Out the Rear View Window for Marketing Ideas.

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If the rear view is cleaner than the windshield, does that mean you should turnaround  and look that way because it’s a better view?  I hear the resounding “no” from the crowd to keep going forward.

Well… maybe you should look back.

You’ve got to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going.  For example, numbers.  You need to know the outcome of your advertising campaigns.   Is the effort you’re putting in producing results that are worth it?  The only way to know this is to stop and look back.

I also like looking back, especially in established businesses, to see what worked 10 years ago.  Funny thing is, it will work again but maybe in a different format.  Dust off old advertisements, look at how you described your products and services.  You might not place the advertisement in the same brochure or location, but the words are still powerful.  There also may be an interesting way that you connected with a customer.  Just because social media didn’t exist 10 years ago, doesn’t mean that we didn’t connect socially with our customers.  Look to your past to see how you built today’s success.

If your business is a little newer, think of the most creative ways that companies communicated with you in the past.  And bring it up to today’s technology.

OK, I’m sounding a little to “hypothetical”

Here’s a great example.  I worked in college admissions for 5 years in the mid-90’s.  We used to send out a “thick envelope” or a “thin envelope”.  I’m pretty sure you know what that means… thick, is the welcome packet, thin is the bad news.

Well, even though today everything could be done “online”… colleges still send out “congrats” packs… BUT… and this is the fun part… they recognize the power of social media.  They send a hashtag sign in the packet or they send out a souvenir (hat / shirt) from the school, or even a board game… all of these are an attempt to give the student props so they can broadcast their good news Snapchat, Instagram, etc… that “they’re in”!  I follow lots of baton twirlers and it’s really fun to see what “next level” college creativity comes in the welcome pack.  It’s a BIG deal.

But learn from that example.  Do you have an opportunity to “welcome” new customers.  They may not post on social media… but then again, they might.  If you’re over 35 this might sound strange, because it still seems strange to me, but at Christmas… the teens will post a picture of ALL their unwrapped Christmas gifts with the text “thank you” or “look what I got for Christmas”.  Again, it’s just odd to me, but this is how they communicate and it’s completely normal to them.  You must speak your customer’s language, and here’s something to think about, their parents have become familiar with this “language”… so I say, include something in your welcome pack that creates a “wow” factor and you might get some unexpected “social help” from your customers.

Alrightie… How is this “looking back” with today’s inspiration in mind… I looked back to the college packets we sent out and how they’re different today to get an inspiration of how to communicate with my current customers. Don’t forget what your marketing was, embrace it and enhance it!

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Action Steps
1- Look Back!  Think about the way you used to communicate with your customer, is it still relevant today?  Look to the way you described things, or the cycle of marketing you once did.  Just because you no longer use postage stamps, doesn’t mean the message is irrelevant!
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What is the most creative social media post of a “welcome pack” you’ve seen?

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