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Episode #143 – Become a Subject Matter Expert, It’s Good For Your Legacy!

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What is your legacy?  Maybe you think of this often, and maybe you don’t think of it at all.  I’m sure there are the people that think, “well my kids are my legacy” – dang. That’s crap.  You want to put the pressure on your kids to be your legacy?  And it’s selfish, because, what is their legacy… you.  Perfect they have no legacy because you stole theirs.  So back to the original question, what is YOUR legacy?

Your legacy is something you build, this could be a business.  However, what happens with the business can no longer be run by you?  Is this the pass-it on legacy you’re looking for?  Perhaps you need to set up a foundation to donate scholarships in your name.

There are many ways to pass on a legacy… but it starts today.

I’m going to recommend becoming a subject matter expert to begin this journey. When you combine your education, skills, awards, experience and research into one nice package that you promote, you are on the road to becoming a subject matter expertsubject matter expert.  This does not mean you need to be the best in the world at “it” however, you need to be found for “it”.

I’ve used this example often, but let’s say you’re an accountant that bakes apple pie.  And I mean really good apple pie.  In addition to your accounting expertise, you need to highlight your baking skills online in the bundle that is your subject matter expertise.  Why?  Because, people want to do business with people.  Let’s be honest, accountants have a reputation for being, well, reserved.  Would you like to know that your accountant bakes really good apple pie and they blog about it, in their office they have photos of making pie… it sounds silly, but it makes the accountant approachable and “relateable”.  It makes them human and real.  And it drives traffic to your website!

3 Good Reasons to Build Your Subject Matter Expert Status
1- Credibility
2- Authenticity
3- Traffic
4- Legacy (OK that’s 4…)

This is your legacy.  We have moved to an information society, that means you own the “stuff between your ears” therefore you need to publicize it.  When you brand yourself as a subject matter expert you level the playing field between someone that is fresh out of college to your experience.  It actually elevates your skills.  Remember, just because someone grew up using an iPad, does not mean they know how to market themselves.  Just because they have grown up in a world communicating on social media, does not mean they can be successful at social media marketing.  The skills do not transfer, they are learned.

Start today, pick your passion area, download my free guide, and start… in a month, you’ll be happy you did!  After all, would you like to buy something from an order taker, sales person, or a subject matter expert?

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Action Step
1- Jump in… start your online presence with a purpose – Pick one passion and market yourself as a subject matter expert.
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