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Episode #142 – Don’t Quit. Pivot!

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You’re a winner and a failure!  Well… that’s what the inspiration says! Haha

Here’s the scoop… and I’m not telling you anything new, but the real wins in life come from failures.  Sometimes big ones (right?!?!)

So why this inspiration?  Because, we all need a reminder that in business risks happen.  You can’t go through your day and not take a risk, I mean, simply going into business was a risk.

The smart thing is taking most risk out, but that still leaves you with a leap, the decision, or what ever you want to name it.  You eventually have to jump.

What happens when it’s bad?  Hopefully, in your risk planning you had a plan g, h, and i… if not, remember that next time.  But take a pivot.  That seems to be the buzz word of late for changing your course or plan.  And although I generally hate buzz words, this one makes some sense…

If something is not working, don’t quit!  Change your direction.  Research other companies and see how they are doing something.  Please note I said “how they are doing something”.  Don’t blindly copy their how.  Instead, use their “how” as a guide to what works for you!

And again, don’t quit!


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Action Step
1- When you are creating your next big decision include a couple “back up plans”.  This would be… what else can I do with it or how else to sell the inventory, lease the space…
2- Don’t Quit!
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