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Episode #115 – Develop a New Profit Center Based on Creativity!

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“Those who can create, will create. Those who cannot create, compete.”

Do you create?  This is an important distinction in the thurvival of your business.  Look, I made up another word!  You know the saying did you survive or thrive?  I’m asking about your thurvival skills.  The ability to thrive instead of survive.

The reason this is important is because if you create you control your future.  If you do not create you basically have to wait for someone else to “think it up” and compete with them.  While you can survive at this tactic, you will never thrive.  So your thurvival is based on your ability to create.

This does not mean if you create you do not have to compete.  You will compete.  It’s just that others will compete against you while you will compete with others.  There’s a big distinction there.  It is much better to compete with vs. against others.

When you compete against someone you are not developing better product, you are simply reducing a price or shipping cost. It’s survival.

If you compete with someone you are developing a new modification, use, choice, or upgrade.  It’s creative.  It allows you to thrive.

There will always be a moment of pricing competition in your business and you will always carry products that others sell.  So how do you become creative?  Add a new profit center that is distinctively yours.  In the recretainment industry (a business that works in both recreation and entertainment) such as marinas, ski resorts, RV Park, wedding planners, real estate, dance studios, bakeries, movie theaters, weight loss/gyms, orthodontists…  create a destination product.  Create something that only your business sells.  This could be featuring products of a local artist, selling a special regional T shirt, creating a private label product, featuring your own logo products, or making your service into a “system”.  Because your business has an entertainment aspect… the great part is, you will have visitors, thus the ability to have a unique destination product.

Again, your core business will be competitive but instead of competing on pricing, look to creativity and find your thurvival advantage.

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Action Step
1- Use creativity to develop a new profit center based on a destination product for your recretainment business  – it can be a simple T shirt and Hat that is unique to your local area.
2- Read the book, “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles… it’s AWESOME
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