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Episode #135 – Take a Walk. Forget the Door Exists.

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We’ve reached that point again.  The point where you need to do something, action must be taken.

You’ve analyzed your options and created a plan of attack, but now there’s one simple yet difficult task ahead…

Open the door.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately.  It’s been a lot of reading and researching on social media marketing.  I’m in the process of writing a book and back in February I wrote 95 pages.  Then I got to a point where I realized I wasn’t happy with what I wrote.  It was blah and honestly, it wouldn’t help at all.  Here’s the funny thing, it was just like the books I’ve been reading!

So this summer I’ve been working at the marina and implementing systems to help me understand what works and what doesn’t work. I’m going to come to one conclusion, I totally understand why social media is overwhelming for small businesses and I totally understand why it usually looks like a cluster F.

I asked my cousin who is building a Yoga Empire (she’ll laugh at that), but I texted her the question of how much time she would have to devote to social media marketing, she sent me back the full stream laughing emoji.  I didn’t quite understand it until I read one of the books last night… the author suggested that you need to get serious and devote 10 to 15 hours a week to social media marketing.  And that’s when I completely understood the full stream laughing emoji.  BTW, I raise my cousin’s one emoji to three!

I’m in the peak of summer right now, but I think I know where the book will go. So stay tuned.  I’m opening the door.  I see daylight!  You can sign up for my email list here, when it’s ready (and it will be awesome), I’ll drop you a note.

Now back to your door.  What is it that you’ve been planning for a while that you haven’t been able to make a decision about?  I’d say something odd like… “just open it”.  But it’s probably not that simple.  Today, just forget about it.  Go work on something you like about your business.  Do something fun… take your dog for a walk… check here for ideas.  When the time comes, you’ll open the door.

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Action Step
1- Take a break.  Go do something to refresh your mind.  Take a walk, read a book, watch TV… just stop.  Do something fun.  The door will still be there tomorrow.
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