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Motivation, Habits & Goals…

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Day 5 and Day 6

“Motivation gets you going. Habit gets you there.” Zig Zigler

My goal is to get into a habit.  And by habit I mean a good one.  It’s funny but what do you think of when someone says they have a habit… since it’s commonly associated with a “bad” habit it’s hard to realize that habits are also  good.  My main habit right now is to get my audio podcast consistent along with my blog posting.  My daily record keeping is not “quite there” but I’m working on improving!  That’s why Day 5 and Day 6 are together!  See…the audio blog is much simpler for me.  And that’s where we’ll begin.

What is the best format for content development for you?  You need to focus on one major platform.  This is your starting point. It needs to be easy and it needs to be effective.  I like the audio blog or podcast because I don’t have to worry about what I look like!  No seriously, I can record it and you can’t see me.  Yeah, some people will say, “it doesn’t matter… just hit record” and I believe that, but I still feel more comfortable with the audio blog format.   I’d love to go “live” and I will eventually, but the stress of having to maintain a consistent schedule of posting would drive me crazy (if I have to look amazing)!  I can do a consistent, one minute inspiration, every day.  So that’s where I’ll begin.  What is your consistency?  What type of content platform is best for you?

On Day 5 (evening) here’s what I did… I actually wrote down, on paper, some goals.  I know this seems like a no-brainer. You can search on line and it says… write down your goals.  Well, by Day 5 evening, I felt a strong need to write the goals.  It was imperative to my organization.  Seriously, I found my “why” about the process of writing down goals.  Normally I’ve been able to keep a good process in my head as to where I want to go and how to get there, but as you are noticing in my day by day journal to creating my online presence that it’s a lot of “chicken and the egg” and really, writing the goals down gives me a central location to track my progress.  I’m going to challenge you to do the same.  Make a goal sheet.  How will you be measured, is it by number of posts, number of followers, number of dollars generated?  Your choice, just make a goal sheet.

Here’s where Day 5 and Day 6 get a little blurred.  I bought a super cool program to help generate a freemium.  The freemium is something you offer on your site in exchange for your visitors email address. Once you have an email address you have begun your list.  As you know, maintaining “followers” on a social media platform is nice, but you have absolutely no control over your destiny.  If someone like Facebook changes it’s rules, you can be shut down.  However, if you capture and create your own list of contact information you have control.  So I found this great program to make an ebook look amazing. I started using it on Day 6 and got frustrated.  That’s when I decided I needed to stop.  Instead of quitting I started working on the slide I would need.  You know, I really like Slide Share – it’s fun!  I’ll go back to the cool ebook program tomorrow!

Acton Steps:

  • Where do you think you can create content on a regular basis?  Writing, Video or Audio?  Remember you need to start creating your own content, so this is an important decision!  The follow up question is when will you start?
  • Develop your goals for the week or month… and write them down!!!

PS:  Flip to my audio blog page and listen to my 1 minute inspirations… and if you enjoy my blog, please click follow!

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