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How to Use YouTube for Thought Leader Positioning

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Yesterday I talked about always thinking of the end user in your business.  Today I’m going to be the end user!

Yesterday I walked out of my hotel dragging my luggage behind me.  When I arrived at the trunk of my car, the keyfob wouldn’t work.  I pressed the button, did it again, went to the driver’s door, still nothing.  Looked inside and BAM – I left the #$%#& lights on.  You know that deflated feeling where you want to be mad at someone else and can’t be… yeah, that’s how my day started.

Flash ahead to a really nice front desk staff at the Marriott Residence Inn by Sea World in Florida… Nolan, you rock!   I needed to get my car unlocked.  Crap.  I instantly started hating electronics because, no power, no lock release, no getting inside to pop the hood.  Did I mention there are no visible key slots on the outside of the car… so, what’s a girl to do?  Fight technology with technology.  I still had my cell phone and that meant I had access information.

I searched, “volkswagen dead battery unlock car” – I figured a boring “how to” page of the vehicle manual would appear.  Nope, David from VW of North Scottsdale appeared!  What a friendly face. Very thoughtfully, he went step by step to unlocking my car and I diligently followed until… SUCCESS!  I unlocked my car. Thank you David! Thank you North Scottsdale Volkswagen, I’m certain you saved me time and I was able to get to my conference much quicker due to your video.  BTW The video was posted two years ago and has 13,922 views! (That’s a whole lot of people locked out).

Most of the time you when pondering what you should post on YouTube you think, sales… sales… sales!  I live in Minnesota, I was in Flordia, I have owned VW convertibles in the past, but my buying a VW from David in Arizona a long shot.  However, as an end user of his product, his video is appreciated!   AND this video positions himself as a thought leader in the industry.

“How to use your product” videos posted on YouTube are a great way to build credibility for your business and brand. Think about it… the information is probably in the owners manual… which is in the glove compartment… of the car I can’t unlock.  Thanks again David!
If you want to check out the video to get an idea of what makes a great and simple how-to video, click here.   If you’re locked out, I feel for you, but it’s pretty easy to gain access.

Another shout out goes to my friends in the big black truck with the extra long jumper cables… dang you guys are awesome!

Two take-aways from my experience (besides turning off the lights)  back into the parking space and never rent a car without key slots unless you have access to YouTube!

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