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Episode #99 – Build a Supportive Team, Not “Yes” People… and Get Rid of the “Downers”

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Your ideas are awesome!  Sometimes your implementation needs help.  Here’s the deal… the best ideas are the ones that actually make it to reality.   But your ideas only make it to reality when the people that surround you are supportive.

There’s an old saying out there to pick your friends wisely.  This is true especially in your business.  At times you feel alone, but really you need tons of support to keep you going.

Here’s the catch – you need supportive people that will tell you you’re full of crap. Haha – but seriously, do not surround yourself with people that tell you want you want to hear.  You need the people that are supportive AND tell you the truth.  There’s nothing worse than putting a lot of effort into a losing product because everyone around you said… “you go for it… it’s a great idea”  Get honest feedback.

There’s a word of caution with the honest feedback route, you don’t want the “downers” surround you either – get rid of them – let them eat at their own table, all alone.  You don’t need them.  Most of the time when people tell you “you can’t do that” it’s because of their own fear.

So who do you listen to?

Your gut!  Listen to your gut!  Create and welcome a support network of friends, advisors, and mentors – just be careful that they have your best interest in giving you honest feedback.

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