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Episode #81 – Become a Subject Matter Expert – Find Your Cat by Bundling Your Knowledge and Experience!

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Yesterday I saw a great tweet from Sean Gardner… It is the photo I used on this post.  The three photos represent Knowledge, Experience and finally Creativity.  Knowledge is the scattered circles… experience shows straight lines connecting the circles.  However, when you combine the circles in a creative pattern you get a cat.  Today, find your cat!

I’d like you to think creative for a minute.  If you take your knowledge and experience and bundle them together in a nice package you become a subject matter expert.  This is one of the building blocks you need as a small business.  When you package yourself as a subject matter expert you are owning your corner of the web and allowing yourself to be found!

Content is produced ever minute on the internet, for example, this blog post didn’t exist yesterday… and tomorrow there will be another.  Well, multiply that by everyone posting on Facebook, adding pages to websites, or photos.  Just stop and think of photos!  There is a whole lot of noise out there and you need to cut through it.

This is where creativity is essential.  You need to position yourself as a subject matter expert.  I have an article on my website, BigFishIdeas.com that explains it in detail.  Essentially, you start as an order taker, you become a sales person, and then you are a subject matter expert.  Subject matter expert is using education, knowledge, experience, and honors, to elevate your status above the noise on the web.

You can do this in your field or business area… or you can do it in your hobby or passion.  For me, I’m in the marina industry, but my hobby/passion is baton twirling.  I competed for 17 years, I’m a former national champion, I have taught/coached and I’m currently a judge.  I created an app with a following of over 4,000 and boom… it has nothing to do with boats.  But if someone who is looking for our marina finds my baton information, they learn about me.  I break through the noise.

My other passion is small business marketing!  (Thanks for reading my blog!)  Focusing and breaking through the social media clutter for small businesses and showing how the tools can be utilized to produce results is exciting to me… because I do this for our business.  Now I share my experiences.  I enjoy speaking on the topic. I enjoy writing on the topic.  Again, nothing to do with boats, but it does build my web presence.

This is vital in an increasing internet.  Look at your knowledge and experience in a creative way… find your cat!  Connect your dots to position yourself as a subject matter expert.

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Action Step
1- Read my article on Subject Matter Expert
2- Decide to position yourself as a subject matter expert
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