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Episode #69 – Harness the Power of Good Habits to Create Content Your Blog or Podcast

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Use the power of habits in your business, a good habit can help you create content that will increase your visibility online… but you have to start! (And that’s where the habit becomes a powerful tool)

A habit is first a wanderer,
then a guest,
and finally the boss
– Hungarian Proverb

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When you hear “habit” what is the first thing that comes to mind?  In most cases the answer is bad.   We have conditioned ourselves to the belief that habit equals bad.  But, then there are good habits.  It’s just that we think of them as secondary.

We know good habits are essential to our success, yet good habits aren’t even on our radar.  It’s no different from the half empty glass.

Today, I’m going to challenge to you think about habits as good.  And try to start one.

Think about the following two habits, Smoking and Exercise.

First the habit is a wanderer.   You try smoking or maybe you go for a walk around the block.  Neither has developed a craving or yearning for more.  It was a one time event.

Then the habit is a guest.  Maybe you smoke “just at parties” or your walk has turned in to a 30 minute lunch stroll.

Finally, the habit is boss. You smoke a pack a day or you enter 5K’s.

How can you use this progression to your advantage?  First develop a morning routine.  What you do in the first hour after you wake up sets your success for the rest of the day.  This does not have to do with getting the kids up and fed… this is what you do for YOU.  Developing a series of habits will motivate you, whether that’s meditation, exercise, or type of food you consume.  Research and find your best options for you.

As for your business, I’ll keep coming back to your blog, vlog, or podcast.  In today’s online climate it’s the one solid thing you can do to control your message.  When you create a weekly message it positions yourself/business as a knowledge “go to”.  This is critical to building online creditability.  You might be “stuck” as to your writing topics.  Here’s how to push through that…

  • Brainstorm a FAQ list that customers ask you about your products and services
  • Brainstorm your history and experiences that pushed you to start and keep your business open
  • Brainstorm trends (both past and future) of where your product is going
  • Brainstorm the top 5 benefits to the customer of our products/services

Just put as many topics on a piece of paper, you should be able to come up with at least 30 bullet points from these 4 brainstorm topics.  This is your starting point.  Next. Write or press record.  Just open Word on yomputer, your video camera or the recorder on your phone, and just start.  Set aside 20 minutes a day before you actually “start” your business for the day… and in a month (notice I said you’d have 30 bullet points… one a day), in a month… see your progress.  Has the “wanderer” turned into a “boss”?

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Action Step
1- Make a brainstorm list of topics for your blog/vlog/podcast
2- Start writing or press record
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Listen to Episode #69 of the Two Minute Commute audio Podcast

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