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Episode #55 – It’s My Birthday!  Put in Hard Work to Achieve Goals

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It’s My Birthday! – I picked this quote just for today… “Results don’t come here if there’s no effort there”

My grandma use to say, “it’s your birthday… do what ever you want” — I look back and still think this is a little bit of odd advice to give a seven year old, but it stuck!  Today is my birthday and I’m giving you a challenge.  Too many times you want to get something done, but just don’t want to put in the effort.  Well, it’s my birthday and I want you to accomplish something… TODAY.  Pick the something that’s been bugging you and just get it done.

To me, you have to set goals to keep on track so here’s a friendly reminder to put in the hard work to achieve success.  Check out my article on goal attainment for a long term goal setting process, you shouldn’t need this for today’s task… today’s task is what’s bugging you, right now…  like you need to clean your desk, etc.  (and if I hear any comments about cleaning my desk… remember it’s MY birthday)

Action Step

1- Identify one thing you want to change TODAY that’s been bugging you…
2- Create the path to fixing that one thing
3- Just get it done.

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