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Episode #54 – You Need a Baseline to Change 

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You need a baseline. A point where you say “no more” and you can use other people’s stories as a guidebook of how it works, but change can only come from you.

Yesterday I attended a conference #ICON17 and heard some amazing stories.  The stories of “no more” and how people changed.  One was a man that started a business to have more time with his family, but in fact, spent more time away from his family… that is until a friend’s child died in an accident.  It was a wake up call.

Your turning point isn’t that dramatic, and often you go along with life until you stop and say, “how the heck did I get here” and that’s why I emphasize the need for a baseline. This goes for business and your personal life.  If you have something consuming you but it’s clearly “not that bad” or you would have made a change, you need a baseline.  What is the baseline at which point you’ll say “no more”?  Set it.  Otherwise you’ll get way past it and wonder how you got there…

Goal setting is great, but sometimes a goal on paper is not what you need… you actually need a baseline, baselines are just reminders to help you from getting to the point where you say, “how did I get here?”

Action Step
1- What is the biggest “trouble spot” in your business? The thing that you can’t seem to fix or turn around… maybe it’s a product you love but it has unreliable stock, or a family member creates/sells to you…
2- Create your baseline of “no more” at what point do you stop/discontinue/find a new supplier

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