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Episode #267 – The Reason You Need To Develop Good Habits…

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“Champions play as they practice. Create a consistency of excellence in your habits.” Mike Krzyzewski

Have you ever watched the a gymnast compete in balance beam?  She can do a backflip and land on a 4″ wide beam.  And she can do it under all the pressure of a competition.  I have a hard time just walking on top of a parking curb (haha).

So how does she do it? Practice.

But it’s a little more than just practice.  She practices perfection.  You see, if you practice bad habits you will perform bad habits… but more important if you practice bad habits you will develop a consistency of bad habits.  Here’s why.

Everything builds on the previous skill.  So if she lands improperly, but can land the back flip.  She might sacrifice a lower score but still land the skill.  BUT, what happens when she wants to add a more difficult entry or exit skill?  Her foundation is flawed.  She allowed a bad habit to persist and now either has to undo and relearn or forever be stalled in future excellence.

Your social media output can gain a lot of insight from our gymnast.  If you learn bad habits, such as… “Likes” “Likes” “Likes” instead of engaging comments or capturing emails you will build a foundation of people who are with you on the surface but if your content stops showing in their feed, they’re gone.

If you start to capture emails and provide content on a regular basis you will be doing your back flip with skill and precision. You will be developing an excellent habit that you can consistently execute.

Take the time to develop your skills instead of taking shortcuts.  The shortcuts will hurt you in the long run.


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