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Episode #266 – Create an Online Interaction, It’s Your Opportunity to Make Positive Impact

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“Recognize that every interaction you have is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others.” -Unknown

It’s Monday – Time to Talk About You!  And by talking about you I mean You talk about You.  As a small business You are the voice of your business.  As such, you need to be conscious that others want to know who they are dealing with…

That’s why I love today’s inspiration.

Every interaction is the opportunity to make a positive impact.  Naturally, you’ll think about making that positive impact in person.  Someone comes into your store and you naturally want to put your best YOU forward.  You are conscious of what you wear, what you say, how you say it and if you stink!

But what about your impression online?

How do you make that great impression?  Well, it starts by your willingness to build your Subject Matter Expert status.  This is your ability to share information about you and your experience in such a way that it builds authority.  The information you share includes your honors/awards, education and start a blog!

When you are willing to share what’s going on between your ears you will build authority!  I like to look at it this way… when you are looking for information you do a search and results appear… you read what someone else wrote, and you appreciate it!  Therefore, it holds true that when you share information someone else will appreciate it.  I mean, I write this hoping someone will appreciate it!

This appreciation leads to interaction whether it’s a “like” or a “comment”… or even a silent like!  You know, the people that read your post, think about it, do something with the info, but never comment.  There’s a lot of that going on!  Anyway, it’s just something to think about.  If you’re looking to have a positive impact on people for your online presence, learn to interact!


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Action Steps
1-Create an interaction, today!  Write a post that shares your story. If you don’t have a blog (start one) but if you don’t have a blog… build your online profile on Linked-in.  It’s a great way to show you’re a real person.
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