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Episode #138 – Create a Content Mission Statement and Move from Habit to Strategy with Your Social Media Marketing

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Ugh. I have to create a post. What will it be about?  Have you ever felt like you’re running your business and all of a sudden it’s interrupted with the need to post “something”.  You haven’t posted for a while and feel guilty.

This “non strategy” is not productive.  Sure  you will accomplish the goal of posting something. You will accomplish the goal of having something on your Facebook feed.   But it is not a strategy.

Let me be clear.  Posting is important and if you are the person that posts “something” because you recognize that having something current on your feed is important, I applaud you!  What it’s time to do now is get out of the “habit” of posting and get into the “strategy” of posting.

Strategy is built around your content mission statement.

Your content mission statement will guide you on “what” to post.

Therefore what to post will come from your strategy!

The way to develop your content mission statement is to look at your business and determine answers to the following three things… 1) what is your focus audience 2)  what do you want to give this audience and 3) what is your goal or objective

For me, I deliver marketing tips and inspiration to small business owners to make more money. Everything I post will relate to that content mission statement.  That means, I don’t have to worry about posting for the sake of posting… I want to share information with small business owners that will help make money!

Moving from “habit” to “strategy” will give value and meaning to the reason you create social media marketing posts.  Essentially it will shift you from creating stuff to creating value.

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Action Step
1- Determine who your target audience is…
2- Determine what you want to give or deliver to this audience…
3- Determine what your outcome or objective is…
4- Congratulations you’ve created your content mission statement!  Now create one post under this umbrella
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