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Episode #107 – Dream Big! Wait, Don’t. Plan BIG Instead.

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I’m not a big believer in dreams.  People that sit around and dream have a lot of time on their hands.  Now a couple of you might think… “that’s kinda sad.  We all need dreams.”


We all need plans.

If you want to lollygag in the wishful thinking of life, fine.  But this inspiration is over the top awesome.  You are given dreams.  AND you are given a way to make the dream a reality, but you need to discover the “way” and often that’s work…  Dreams do come to you spontaneously.  Sometimes it’s that flash of inspiration on how to finally solve the problem or how to make more money.  What ever the topic, you are given the answer.  Dreams are answers.

So now what?

This is the great divide!  There are people that sit around on their rear ends and talk about how “great” things would be if only the big boss would notice them or if only they’d be discovered.  They talk, talk, talk.  If they spend that energy “doing”…  gosh, they’d be one step closer to “it” happening.  But they don’t.   So they sit.  Which side of the divide are you on?  Are you the talker or doer?

Don’t waste a dream, simply dreaming about it – go out there and make it a reality.  That is “scary part one”… However, not for small business owners, you’re already doing a lot of “put yourself out there scary things” – let’s go to “scary part two” for small business owners, and that is not dreaming big enough.

Remember if you can dream it, the way to make it come true will exist.  So let’s get scary and dream big.  I mean big!  If you were dropped on this planet, what would the ultimate goal for your small business be?  7 figures, 8 figures,10 figures, speaking tour, book deal, vacation homes in 12 different locations, new pair of socks every day so you never had to match them up out of dryer, franchise your business, it’s time to dream big.   Personally, I like the sock goal… then again, I’m waiting for my dryer to buzzzzzzz… ugh. Roll eyes.

Next, plan.  There is a way to break your goal down into manageable chunks.  Take the big, divide it down.

Realize if you want to make a million dollars and you make $25 profit on your current product.  You only need to sell 40,000 products.  Well, divide by 12 months and that’s 3,333 a month… or only 120 a day.  That’s pretty exciting!  Grab my free book on this topic called littlemillionaire.com

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Action Step
1- Dream Big.  Go to that scary place, and discover that one super big thing you want your small business do to or become.
2- Write it down
3- Divide it out and make your plan
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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