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Episode #106 – What Is Your One Great Goal?

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What do you want?  This is the hardest part of running your business.  Because, just when you feel comfortable with your sales, you relax.  But, what do you really want?

The reason I ask this is because now is the time to set goals.  There’s a great quote out there to help you through struggle.  I used it way back on Episode #51 “Don’t Quit, Focus on Why”, it has to do with at the time you start you wish you were at the point you are now.

“If I quit now, I’ll be back to where I started
and when I started I desperately wanted to be where I am now.”

That is an important perspective.

Because, what do you really want?

The reason a lot of businesses fail is because people “stop”.  They get comfortable with sales and assume they will always continue, so they lose their fire to continue the grind.  Or something new they try just “doesn’t work”.  It’s not that they quit, but the competition keeps going.  So the gap widens.

It’s no different from wanting to lose 20 pounds and getting to 12 pounds lost, feeling much better and resuming bad habits, never losing the full 20…

If you “stop” it’s because you are choosing what you want now instead of what you want the most.  This means you like the sales you have so you take a little time off.  Well, that “little time off” felt great, and since you run your own business and you’re the boss you mentally believe that philosophy and take a “little more time off”.

Again, that’s fine.  If that is what you really want, PERFECT!

However, if you have a vision of a lifestyle, home, car, family, vacation, retirement… whatever IT is, you must continue onto that one great goal. Don’t let your “stop” become permanent.

Sales will not “always be there” – clients will not “always be there” – do not get lulled into a false sense of security in these areas.  Take the time to recharge, enjoy the climb, but create your big goal so you know you when you’ve achieved it and when must keep going!  Otherwise, you’ll be back to Episode #51 and wondering why you’re so frustrated!

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Action Step
1- Take a minute to write your one great goal.
2- Tape this goal on the wall under where you hang your coat.  It will be the first thing you see when you leave and the first thing you see when you arrive!
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