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#73 Your Small Business Experience Merged with Social Media Makes You Unstoppable

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Today’s Business Inspiration: “Examine the past, but don’t live there.”

Summary:  Your Small Business Experience Merged With Social Media Makes You Unstoppable – Small business owners are forgetting how much experience they have! You know your message… you can pay someone to “do the technology”!  Install our free app: SmallBusinessClubApp.com


Here’s your small business social media advantage… (and it’s huge)


If you’ve been in business for a while, prior to social media, or if you remember the days of cooking food without a microwave, you have a huge advantage over millennials.  You have experience.  Look at the picture of the computer, if you remember the 5 ½” floppy disc (or disk), you win.  The rotary phone is a little odd since those disappeared long before that computer, however, what today’s business inspiration is saying is: Examine the past but don’t live in it.

What worked for you in the past can work today…  and quite frankly, the marketing techniques that gave you business success before, will work again, they just might look a little different.

You can’t place one ad in an newspaper anymore and be done, however, the general message of the ad is going to work on Craigs List, Facebook, Twitter… you just have different platforms to use, other than that one newspaper.

Let’s see how this works…

Do you remember “long form sales letters”?  They used to arrive in the mail… they we’re talking several pages in length, and they would be sent to hot prospects to give them all the information in carefully crafted language to build interest to take action, but not so much information that their questions were answered…  if you wrote these, dang – you’re going to be happy with this news…

This is the modern day squeeze page!

A squeeze page is where you write compelling information on a one page website.  The website does nothing except sit with your “long form sales letter” and it’s only job is to capture the email address of the person visiting.  There will be no header and no links, just the area for the prospect to enter their email address to get more information about your product… well several areas along the way to submit their email address.  But you get the point.

Always visit the marketing techniques you used in the past because marketing is simply communicating your message. Your message will never stop being delivered, it may just take a different path to get to your prospect. One hint: start by positioning yourself as a subject matter expert.

And remember you can always pay someone to “do the technology”.

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Action Step
1- Make a list of 5 super marketing activities you’ve ever done… your all time best 5 things.
2- Why did they work?  Really think of the reasons they worked. Who was the audience? How did they get your ad? Now think… where have you seen this technique used today? was it on Facebook, email marketing… how did your great success from 15 years go get morphed into today’s social media marketing… now go do it yourself!
3- Install our app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)


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