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Episode #74 Believe in Your Small Business Success Even Before It Happens

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Today’s Business Inspiration: “Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail”

Summary:  You’ve got to see and believe in your success before it happens. As a small business owner one of the most difficult tasks can be motivating yourself. Check out the motivation article on the free App at SmallBusinessClubApp.com


One of my crew members is applying to a prestigious college… I had mentioned that you have to believe you’ll “get in” before you’ll actually “get in”.  She looked at me like I had four heads.  But it’s true!  Visualization is a very powerful tool.

You don’t want to be unrealistic, for example, seeing as how I’ve never played football, it wouldn’t matter how much I visualized myself as the quarterback of the SuperBowl winning football team, it won’t happen because I don’t have the skills and qualifications. However in the case of the crew member, the grades, volunteer work, and honors are all present.  At this point it’s a matter of seeking out the resources to create an outstanding application AND believing in yourself.

As a small business owner you have to believe in your goals and one of the hardest things to do as a small business owner is to stay motivated when things go sideways.  It’s really hard when “life happens” and all of your planning and goal setting get affected. The worst is when you’ve made a plan, determined small goals along the way, then realize it’s three months into the plan and you should be at step 5 and you’re only at step 2, UGHHHHH… that’s deflating!  Often it’s easier to sideline the entire plan just to “keep up” with the day to day stuff.

What I’m encouraging you to do today is to stay motivated.  You need to stay with your goals and plans.  It’s much more powerful to adjust than to stop.  Dust off that old goal and read my article on motivating yourself and let’s get this done!

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Action Step
1- Identify an “old” goal got sidelined
2- Create your success journey to get it back on track – its time do start working toward that goal!
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