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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Day 9

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Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames ~ Rumi

Spending about 5 hours in the dark will give you perspective!  Or a little sleep… After the storm hit, I finally got the power back at about 2 AM.  You know that feeling you wake up and want to turn off the lights but have NO desire to get up to do it?  Yeah, that was me!

But it’s a little strange to sit in a quite house and not be able to do anything electronic.  I mean, your phone is there, but you kind of want to preserve the battery so if you need to check the radar in the next storm you can… but you really want to watch Netflix… and then you have a brilliant thought, well, if the battery goes dead I can just plug my phone into my car and drive around!

I’m sure this is fascinating insight… haha!

Why the fire theme for today?  We had fire training at the boat yard.  What a wonderful service that our local fire department provides to us.  They come over and teach our crew how to put real fires out with fire extinguishers.

It just makes you wonder how your business can help others.  Seek out those opportunities and make an impact!  Even if it’s a simple download “how to” guide you post on your website.  Being a resource really helps you become a leader in your industry.

In other words… be the one that fans the flames for someone else.

And remember you can use your car to recharge your phone so you can watch Netflix in a power outage!

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