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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Day 11

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“Never pretend to be a unicorn by sticking a plunger on your head.” Martin Espada


Yesterday I told you all about my coronation… a.k.a. my trip to the dentist to get a new crown.

Today I got to go to court!  Now… last week I received Novocaine, today I only got a comfortable seat.  I sat in a nice quiet air conditioned courtroom waiting for the case.  It’s amazing to watch other people’s hearings and see their life journey completely altered.  The hearing before ours had a man sentenced to jail for 30 days.

The only thing I could think was… it must be super surreal to have a judge ask, “when shall we schedule your sentence to begin” – honestly? schedule?  Like you’re checking into a hotel… so so strange.

I sat there because last summer we had a group rent a pontoon, the driver was arrested for DUI and in the process they smashed our rental boat into a dock.  It was quite the ordeal… I received three phone calls from around the lake about our boat speeding through the channels.  Yes, by law we’re required to have our name on the side of the boat.  It’s one of those moments you’re not so happy to have your last name on a boat… roll eyes.

So I was actually on the phone with a person telling me about the erratic behavior of the driver when the boat arrived at our dock… but when I looked out the window, the boat had arrived… and oh my gosh, it was quite an eyeful!  The dude was peeing, right there, middle of marina, for all to see.

I suppose I could have posted a photo… OH YES.  I took a video of it!

Why am I sharing this crazy story… well… I sat in the court room and watched both the driver and renter change their story from their filed reports, right there on the stand.  I don’t go to court often, so I find it absolutely amazing.  Please don’t ruin my naivete, I’d rather live in a world where that’s still a shocking thing…

So… will we get paid for the damage to the boat?

Time will tell.

Here were my two thought… 1) Sometimes you need to do these type of “housekeeping” type items for your business… even though it might not be cost effective.  2) it’s awful, but I couldn’t help to think as I watched that man on the stand change his story… I give it two years and I bet he will find himself back in a hearing just like the guy from the first case, you know… scheduling his “hotel” appointment!

Yep… my life is still crazy and I’m still on a mini-break… more soooooon!

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