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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Day 19 – Three Thing List.

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“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Zig Ziglar

Yesterday.  I have no idea what I did or what I got done.  Don’t you hate days like that?  UGH.  It’s like the day just happened.  So I was really frustrated by the time we closed.

This morning… I started the same way.  I’ve got this wicked summer cold thing going on and my motivation has been zero.  OK… quick question, which is worse: cold in the winter or cold in the summer.  I’m going with summer… both are lame, but there’s something about putting on an extra sweater and laying under a blanket that just goes “better” with winter! 

Back to my lack of motivation… so today I started down that path – and then I made a “three thing list”.  1) Get flowers for the planters.  2) Make an appointment for my car 3) get the “stuff” we have for sale “organized”

Guess what…  ALL ACCOMPLISHED! And more!

I made the car appointment on my way to buy flowers.  The funny thing with the flowers was… all I needed to do was pull up to the flower stand and pay.  I didn’t have to plant or grow them.  I didn’t even have to load them in my car!  They look REALLY nice and I feel great each time I walked by them! yea.

Now… the “stuff” for sale – all I wanted to do was put out life jackets… roll eyes.  I got distracted 6 times.  SIX!  But I finally got them put out on display at about 7:45 tonight.  In my defense – the boat that came into the dock that was sinking was a little more important.

Seriously, never a dull moment.

We did get it out before it went down.  Whew! But it was a little over whelming as I watched the swim deck go below water and the owner was “kinda” in denial about the urgency of getting his boat to shore.

I did get one more thing done and it wasn’t on my list! – I was able to organize the shelves in our store.  Something else that was really bothering me is bothering me NO MORE!

SO there you have it — Everyone needs to use my “Three Thing List” technique.  I feel accomplished.  I know that I did actually set out to do something AND I DID IT!  I now feel good when I walk by our shelves, I feel good when I see the flowers, I’m happy I have my car appointment, and I’ll feel really good when we sell the life jackets.


Give it a shot. Start your day by making your “Three Thing List” then come back and tell me what you did.  I mean it can’t be any lamer than “make appointment for car” – right????

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