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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Day 21 – Fill in the Blank.

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“Always look to the bright side of life. Otherwise it will be too hard to read.”

This quote is great… if you still read books!

No seriously!  If you actually dust off a paper paged book this quote makes total sense.  However, if you use a Kindle or some other digital book, it makes zero sense.  You can read your book in the dark!

If you listen to books… again, there’s no difference between your eyes being open or closed, well, unless you’re driving.

So what does this mean?

It means you can quickly date yourself if you don’t pay attention.  OH, and it sneaks up on you.

It might be the photos on your website.  Not just the subject, look to the background and surroundings!  I mean that photo front and center on your home page just might show the brand new 1998 Honda Civic in the parking lot… um… that’s now a 20 year old car.

I’m also talking about what you say.  I’ve said one part of my job interview so many times I don’t even hear what I say… it’s the “no smoking, drugs, alcohol, pagers, cellphones, swearing , friends stopping by…” it goes on and on… I had one guy stop me and say, “you still use pagers?”  – I burst out laughing… and of course I hired him.  He was a great addition to our crew… totally kept me on my toes all summer with that wit.

But you see it happens all the time. You really need to be careful to keep things up to date.

So looking on the bright side of life, it might make it easier to…  (fill in blank)

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