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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Day 18 – Start Now!

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“The future is always beginning now.” Mark Strand

Your future begins now.  Or is it Now… maybe now?

Get it?

Your future is always unveiling itself.  That means, what you do right now is super important to what your tomorrow will be.

Alrightie, enough of the hypothetical… how can you apply this?

if you want to be 10 lbs lighter, can you “wish” it to happen?  Nope.  Positive thinking will help,  but pushing away the cupcake is a better plan.

How about your email list?  We’re here to build control over our future so it’s an important topic to discuss.  A good email list will help you to communicate with your customers and build loyalty… but what is a good email list?  Is it 100 people, 800, 3,000?

All of the above. You see, a small list that is loyal is much better than a large disconnected list.  But how do you create this list?

You start.

Imagine 1 months from now being 10lbs lighter.  Well, same concept, imagine 1 month from now having 50 new people on your email list!  This is possible, but it starts today.

This is super important… Every day you need to make the effort to build your list.  Make sure your point of contact with people allows for email options… whether this is an invoice, sign up form, online form or commercial.

Switch to an email first focus.  Sometimes this seems daunting, but start with your future and past at the same time! It’s a little “chicken and egg” but go through old sources and collect the emails you’ve had – you can easily contact these people and ask to join your new list.  At the same time get the form online AND on your front counter to start collecting your now and future people — finally you can create your freemiums to really boost your results.

These very simple strategies will grow your list quickly!  But… your future starts now… I mean now… I mean now…

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