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Day Three… Spring Cleaning Your Brand!

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I started my day by making an entry in my audio blog – right now, it’s short one minute inspirational quotes.  It is just a fun way to start your day, kind of like if someone left you a clever voice mail that made you think!  I’m glad to be doing them again.  The fun part about about an audio blog is that you don’t have any rules.  It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes, an hour, or even 12 minutes… whatever time frame works for your content is perfect.  I may change it in the future, but for now it’s awesome.  I will get it in podcast form soon.  You can find it on this blog – just flip to the audio blog page.

I also got caught up at work.  After being gone a week there were a few things that I needed to take care of, and that’s a good thing!  Otherwise, if I had nothing to get caught up on, well… what would be the point of paying me, someone else could do my job.  Keep that thought in the back of your head as you are working today.  If you own a business and someone is out of town, do you miss them? If yes… you made a good hire!  If no… well…

Keeping with my “catch up” theme I ordered the T shirts I needed from the Sparklesrock.com sales I had while I was at Social Media Marketing World.  They’ll arrive later this week… I’ll share the finished product with you later.

Continuing with my Social Marketing Content theme, I looked at my website, BigFishIdeas.com – I ran screaming from the room, then came back and looked at it again.  Yikes, there is some work needed there.  I started, but let’s just say part of my challenge to you is to look at your own website.  Then, when you pick yourself up from the floor laughing or wipe the tears away from the horror of what you see.  Regroup and make a list of all the things that need to be changed.  I’m sure your website is beautiful.  But, I’ll guarantee that it has some cringe worthy things too… OH if you’ve got a “really good” example – screen shot or take a pic and send to me!  This is a good exercise in both your online AND offline world.  Get up and walk around your retail or office space.  Look at it from the perspective of a customer… see it “new” for the first time.  Trust me, you’ll have plenty to do after this exercise, think of it like “Spring Cleaning” for your brand.  (I like that….)

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Your Action Steps:

  • Would an audio blog be easier than a written blog… what topic would you focus on?
  • Give your website and store a “walk through” from a “new” customer’s eye… make a list and start updating!

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