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Create a Personality for Your Business.

Business Personality Content Creation marketing ideas

As you write your social media posts, make sure to consider the voice you are giving your business.  Yes, your business can have a personality!  I realized this when I visited Tampa, FL.  I took a walk along the Riverwalk and discovered they created a nice journey simply by including stepping stones with motivational phrases.  It helped personalize the city!  If a city as large as Tampa can create a personality for itself... you can sure do it for business.

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Do You Love Ice Cream?

blogging marketing ideas social marketing Special of the Month

Organize your month with a "Special of the Day" -- I picked up a card for the flavors of the month and while I was waiting for my "to go" order to be ready... I dreamed of which Ice Cream to come back for.  It's a perfect marketing plan, and something you should try!

Also... it helps you with daily content because you can send out a friendly reminder of your special!

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Social Proof... get some!

blogging marketing ideas social marketing social proof

How do you shop?  Do you buy things that are a "best seller" or maybe "millions served" is listed on the sign?  Well your customers do the same...learn to build your online "Social Proof" in this blog post!

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Talk to Your Grandma

blogging marketing ideas posting sales pitch online

When you're wondering how to create a sales post... stop!  Think about how you would explain the features to your grandma... you wouldn't "sell" to her, you'd explain the features.  This blog post will help you with social selling... it's different!

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I Need a Fish

markeing marketing ideas Mascot

Hummm... maybe I need a mascot?  Maybe you do, too.  This post will highlight a simple spokesperson solution to increasing your Facebook exposure.

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