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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 445 – Likes Count

6- Saturday - Try This! facebook counter in store counter for social media marketing Real world small business owner advice Success tips

Saturday: Try This!

This is a marketing trick we introduced in our retail store this summer.  It’s a Facebook counter.

We are all used to seeing the “like us” on Facebook or Find us on Instagram type of signs in stores or waiting areas.

Some of them try to interact with customers or followers by including a barcode or website address…

Then of course there are tags and hashtags that people will market in their store or on their promotional items just to hopefully get you to increase their popularity online.

But all of these items just go “one way” – you’re in the store and there is a sticker on the window… but what if the information came from the internet to your store?

We have a counter that changes!  It’s a new way to interact with customers. It’s an “old school” counter that flips from one number to the next.  Part of the charm is that it’s NOT digital.  But we have customers stand in our store, visit our Facebook page and press like just to see the number change.

Try This!

Tomorrow… come back for this week’s episode on “The Week in Review”!
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