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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 440 – Order Already… It’s McDonalds – You Know What’s On The Menu!

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Saturday: Try This!

I went to McDonalds earlier this week.

As I waited for my fresh baked cookies… I couldn’t help but notice the menu boards.

The menu boards at McDonalds always remind me of that joke… it’s one that I saw a comedian say… he did it more like a “setting the scene” type of story.  It was about how annoyed you get standing in line at McDonalds and the person in front of you, stares at the menu board, like they’ve never seen it before!  JUST ORDER, it’s McDonalds… you know what they have!  There’s no reason to read the menu!

That’s why when I was at McDonalds the Menu board caught my eye.

When I was a kid the menu board looked like this…

Not super fancy… the prices could be changed…

But now it’s all TV monitors that have the graphics slide in and out – it’s very high tech!

It made me ponder… the most expensive thing on the menu was less than $10.00 – yet they spend thousands on their menu board, for what?  Honestly, most of the items have been on their menu for 40 or 50 years… we know the drill.

But, as a small business owner, this fancy menu board at McDonalds should make you take note!  You probably sell items much more expensive than their $2.29 pack of fries, and most likely you use a much cheaper way of displaying your pricing.

HOWEVER, McDonalds understands that the fancy menu board is all about image.  It’s the ambiance.  You feel different looking at their new style menu board.

Take a look around your office/store/gathering place and notice the vibe you are transmitting.  Are you using a 1970s menu board instead of a modern cutting edge one?  Are your magazines outdated? What does the furniture look like in the waiting area… how about he carpet or ceiling… are there stains?  Look and notice stuff!

Now it’s your turn!

Try this!

Tomorrow… come back for “the week in review”!
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