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Episode #360 – When In Doubt… Do Like Abe!

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“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe.” Abe Lincoln

I have had it with really bad sales people. Hold on to your devices because I’m going on a tangent in 3…2…1…

If you are a sales person you have the duty to know your audience.  Today is Big Money Small Change Friday and this blog is going to give you the single best advice when it comes to successful selling.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Twice in the past two weeks I’ve had the crappiest sales people call me.  They sucked and it irritates me.  Here’s the deal.  When you call someone you are interrupting them.  You owe them the courtesy of figuring out how your product can benefit their needs.  Not your needs… you need to put the customer as #1.


I’ve noticed this amazingly HUGE backward slide in not just customer service but in sales, too.  If I’m the customer, and you want me to do something, then treat me well.

Today this complete moron called me.  His business is an online something or another to improve traffic via online comments and they take everything out of your hands to do something with making it so you don’t have to… do you see how poor his presentation was?

He started telling me how horrible my online reviews are.  OK guess what… anyone who has followed this blog understands my philosophy which is… “Yeah… some are bad, so what”.  The crazier someone sounds in a review, the better… how many times have you gone shopping only to read an review left by someone else and come to a conclusion, all on your own, that the person was writing from emotion and not telling the whole truth?  Well… riddle me this… if someone is drunk and gets arrested using your boat rental and it costs a lot of money to get a boat out of impound… do you think they are going to write a positive or negative review?  Negative.  So exactly what on earth can you possibly say… “Sorry you got drunk and arrested”

There is nothing.  You leave the review blank.

Now… anyone selling the service of fixing online reviews… just run and run fast.  But if you happen to be the one selling the service, OMG, do your homework!  Actually visit someone’s website, Facebook page, Linked-In profile before you cold call.  Had this person, even done the basics, they would have found my philosophy instead of “teaching” me how to do online social marketing.

Believe me, I’m not perfect, this is an evolving art, and there’s always something to learn.  But to actually have someone say, “did you know you can reply to the bad reviews?”

Just stop talking.

Here’s my tip for today.  To make a very small change that will result in big money… simply research the person you are doing business with.  It’s so easy.  Just Google their name and their business.  Take a small amount of time to do them the courtesy.

This sales person may have had the best product in the universe but unfortunately, not even considering that the person he was talking to may actually have knowledge in his wheelhouse was a big mistake.  One which cost him a sale.  Do like Abe… spend the 6 hours sharpening your axe!  Abe was one smart guy!

Whew. tangent done.

Big Money Small Change Success
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Action Steps
1- Do your research.  Today… look at your potential customer list and conduct a little online creeping… check out who you’re talking to, then call them!
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