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Episode #366 – Small Change Doesn’t Mean Effortless!

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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” Maya Angelou

Oh gosh… today was a big one.  It started at 8 with the ice cream company picking up the freezer.  This was followed by the store fixture company delivering a new retail rack and moving a different one out of our way.  Finally the soda company showed up with a smaller cooler and that involved moving two other coolers.  Tomorrow the new ice cream freezer arrives and we move the bait fridge.


Well it’s Friday and that means it’s Big Money Small Change Day.  By taking the time rearrange and get new freezers and coolers that are smaller I’m able to do a couple things… We will have to load more often, but I hopefully will eliminate the “pop-tasterfy” that we have at least once a summer.  If you sell perishable items the you can understand the gut wrenching feeling of noticing your stock is past the expiration date!  UGHHHH

The other small change I’m doing is to move our bait cooler to allow for a meaningful and coordinated display of our fishing items… all together.  It’s going to be nice. We’ll make more money through the impulse purchase of the fishing tackle, and we’ll save a whole bunch of money with better control and consolidating to feature our top sellers only.  This new product mix will make a big difference.

But to sum it up,  it’s been a logistical dance.  I mean this small change has been a giant Jenga game!  As I was thinking of it today and today’s inspiration came to mind.  Because, once everything is in place against the wall, it looks like we simply moved a couple coolers to get the butterfly, but dang that cocoon process to get from the ugly caterpillar to our beautiful butterfly took a lot of effort!

All I’m saying is… although you’re embarking on a small change to produce big money… don’t kid yourself, sometimes the small change takes a lot of planning!  It’s still worth it. But when all is done… step back and appreciate the final result!  You know how much effort it took.

Big Money Small Change Success
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