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Episode #354 – Are Your Possibilities Endless or Ended?

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“There is no such thing as a small change.” RWhite

You’ve got to make a change.  It’s great when you can find a way in your business to “set it and forget it” – but sometimes even a little change can have the biggest impact.

I was fortunate to give a presentation yesterday and I talked about lots of big and small changes I have made over the past year with the marketing at our marina.  Now… here’s the fun thing… small changes added up really have a big impact!  But more important than the bottom line is the impact it has on YOU.

When you take the time to make any change, big or small, you’ve had to put yourself into a different mind set.  One that makes you see new possibilities.  And one that you will never know the total impact at the time.

Here’s a very small change I made… I created a sign up form on my website to receive sunset photos by email.  This idea just, well, kinda came to me.  We have some of the most incredible sunsets at our marina.  Every night they’re just a little different. We have pinks/purples and orange/reds and finally the yellow/gold/black – my favorite.


About two years ago I took a sunset photo every night in the summer and posted on a Pinterest board.  It is neat to see the position of the sun change in the sky.  Now I’ll just post a photo on our Facebook page.  Flash ahead to when I had the idea to create an email list to receive sunsets.  The reason I did this was because the photos are pretty and you just can’t rely on Facebook to distribute to my entire list.

It’s had a crazy impact.  I was asked in an interview for a magazine about the sunset email service.  The reporter really liked sunsets!  She signed up.

My goal with this list is to provide beautiful photos grow a community.  I don’t have any plans for this group other than to share photos of sunsets… however, you never know!  Maybe I’ll start an online store and this group could be one possible target market.  The important thing is to start the list.  If you have it your possibilities are endless, if you don’t have it your possibilities have ended.

Creating a niche email list is a very small change… but it is a list to plan for your futures and when combine with other small changes can set you up for big success!


Big Money Small Change Success
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Action Steps
1- Start an email list for a niche.  I’ve picked sunsets… what will you choose?
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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