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Episode #348 – Here’s the Reason You Need to Create Videos…

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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent Van Gogh

Friday is here… time to put it all together.

Yesterday I mentioned videos and how our customer arrived totally informed about our boat storage program.  Here’s the fun thing about videos.  They can be used for many purposes.

The video he’s referring to is sitting our on our website.  People surfing our site can easily find it.  The other neat feature is that it’s on YouTube.  That means people can directly search for boat storage in our area and find it.  Another neat feature is that if I’m texting someone I can send the link to the YouTube video.  If I choose to target customers on Facebook, I can use the same video to generate interest in our storage.  And finally, if I choose to segment my email list, I can use the video as a link in the email.

Photos can have a similar versatility… but not the same impact.  Video does take more time to create, but I will say from experience that it has the ability to communicate your message quickly.  The other thing is video can mean… you talking in front of the camera or creating a slide presentation.

Customer want to watch videos… but one hint, don’t make it too long.  Make the most efficient video you can, and put impact information at the start.

Speaking of start… I say… start now.  Take the area of your business with the biggest need and create one video.  Think about the speech you have, that you repeat, over and over, because it’s always asked as a question.  Can you make a video?  Once you make it, you’ll realize how many more you make.

If you’re already making videos… reuse them by creating a one page “theme” and add two or three videos that enhance your customer experience.  Don’t forget to write some great content that encourages people to watch the video. These pages make for great searchable pages!

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Action Steps
1- Make a video.  You’ll be able to use it in so many different ways… it’s really a game changer.  If you’re already making videos… put two or three together in a new page!  Reuse the information that is beneficial to your customers!
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