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Episode #258 – Recycle Content to Win/Win/Win Without Pooh!

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“The fox that chases two rabbits catches neither” -unknown.

So what the heck does today’s inspiration mean?  Seeing as how I can look out the window and see a fox and I know the fox wants to eat my dog… so should I get another dog?  Both will be safe?!?!  haha – no,  do not want two dogs.


Interesting perspective.

Someone might say the quote means spreading yourself too thin does not have benefit, you need to make a choice.  But what about my two dog example.  If I have two dogs my mission will be accomplished (the fox will not eat my dog) but I’ll lose because I’ll have a second dog and that’s twice as much pooh to clean up!

Let’s think about it.  You do twice as much to accomplish your goal, but you end up with twice as much work.  Is there a way to get twice as much of a result without the pooh?


This is the full concept of Big Money Small Change.  Today, you know what I did?  I recycled content!  At the same time I added another audience to see it!

Yesterday we won a big award at our marina.  We were honored with the title “Marina of the Year” – it’s pretty cool.  So yesterday I created a 6 part series on our history.  It ended with our announcement of the award.  Well, it was a lot of great content and I wanted to share it with our email list today. The only problem is, not everyone uses Facebook.  Not everyone sees the posts and once it’s gone on your feed, it’s pretty hard to find.

So I created the second dog without the pooh.  I took the content of the posts and created pages on our site.  I also linked back to the post.  I then created the email that linked to the website.  This will bring in the email customers AND it will bring in new customers who are researching our marina.  They may even click on the link back to Facebook and “like it” — if you want to see how I did it, click here

It’s just a fun way to get the promotion off of the post, recycle good content for future use and make sure your customers that may have missed the original post get the information!  win/win/win without pooh!


Big Money Small Change Success
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Action Steps
1-Create a post that shares detail or teaches your audience – then create a page on your website with the post information! – make sure to link back to the post.
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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