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Episode #264 – Here’s How to Create Money… Every Day!

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“A Businessman multiplies money but an entrepreneur creates it.”

Would you rather have your money double or would you rather create it?  I’d like both!  And really, any opportunity to increase your money has to be on your “do it” list, but let’s look at creating money.

Entrepreneurs have the ability to take nothing and seemingly out of thin air create money.  Think about it.  Regardless of what your business does, if your doors are closed you do not create money.  When you open for the day you start creating money.

Look at your business like a money printing press. (A legal one…)

Here’s what I mean… if you have a job, you go to work and make a set amount of money, or a set commission.   If you own a business, you create money.  There’s no set ceiling.  You can keep going, dare I say, to infinity. (haha) – but seriously, your upper end is not defined.  You create products or services and that did not exist until you thought of them.  That means the money to purchase these is created, too!

You are creating money!

It’s an awesome responsibility, but someone has to do it… that’s why when you can create an infinity product that never ends, like a digital book (Here’s Mine!).  You have truly created a money printing press. You created a product that will be made an infinite amount of times and the money is also created to purchase it.

When you stop to think about this, it’s amazing.


Big Money Small Change Success
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Action Steps
1-Create an infinity product.  Make a time line for it’s completion… but create it.  Start with a simple book.  Find your topic and write.  A good place to look is at the area of your business where you are asked the most questions.  This can be a very simple topic… but if you have the “I’ve done it” experience, someone just starting out will appreciate it.  Here’s the one I’ve created on Etsy
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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