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Episode #252 – Think Big… Then Think BIGGER!

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How big do you think?  That’s the question of today’s inspiration… “There is no shortage of money, only a shortage of people not thinking big enough.” Grant Cardone

Lets’s think big.

You need an infinity product.  the end.


I had a conversation with a friend yesterday. She leases and office space and was thinking of subleasing her space because much of the day it stays empty.

That’s when I explained what an infinity product is to her.  She said, yes I do.

An infinity product is one that does not have an upper limit (or a realistic upper limit).  Think of a gym membership.  Once you have the building your membership base can grow and grow, you need very little extra equipment to sustain the growth.

Now compare Amazon to a shopping mall.  A shopping mall has a finite amount of store fronts.  Once that space is leased it’s full.  Amazon can continue to grow until infinity, there’s no upper cap on “store fronts”.

What is your infinity product?

I hear the groans.  You’re thinking, “I’m a service based business… it’s me!  How can I make more of me”

Quit thinking small.

You can be multiplied over and over and over with a book or video!  If you consult… is there  a common 10 questions you’re always asked?  Take those 10 questions and write a 20 page book.  Sell it online.  I don’t know, charge $7 and see what happens.

If you sell 1 you make $7…  If you sell 10 you make $70 – what happens if you sell 1000 you make $7,000.  You also gain the contact information of these people who are interested in your business and you can market to them over and over!

An infinity product might be a product you create over and over — like a can cooler or T shirt.

There are infinity products everywhere… create one!

Here’s my infinity product on etsy.  It’s a social media marketing planner.

Big Money Small Change Success
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Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Brainstorm 5 infinity products you know about. Get creative and look around you to see what infinity products exist!
2- Use this list to think up one infinity product for your business
3- Build it, Make it, Create it!  NOW
4- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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