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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 838 – You Must Learn Marketing From Tiny Elves.

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Thursday: Infinity Customer

Quote:“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”


Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m thankful you’re here.

Earlier this week the American Girl Doll magazine/catalog arrived.  I’m not a tribe member, but I did gain an appreciation of the doll’s following as my niece grew up.

She loved everything about the doll and as she got older she became an expert of the history and qwirks of each doll…

As I thumbed through the catalog I found just as much “joy” as I did 5 years ago when she was a buyer… well her mom was a buyer.

However… one thing caught my eye.

It’s this.


Elf on the Shelf… do you get the impact of this?  It’s a specifically designed American Girl Doll Sized Elf on the Shelf.

The brand and tribe following for this ONE product are INCREDIBLE.

A “toy” or “tradition” called Elf on the Shelf is SOOOOOOOO well branded, that you not only buy one for your home and family… but your freekin doll needs one, too.

What the heck?!?!

I’m not sure if I should run in fear OR amazement.


I’m choosing amazement!  This is the most brilliant product line variation I’ve ever seen.  It’s not that Elf on the Shelf went into “Bunny on the Bar” or some other holiday requiring a plastic entity to lurk around and watch you…


They kept the brand and just made it smaller so your DOLL can (must) have it’s own Elf on the Shelf.

This is the ultimate example of marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing.

It’s tribe building that is worth elevating to it’s own shelf! (haha)

Well done.

OH!  BONUS!  Did you notice that only American Girl Rewards Members can buy the Tiny Elf?  I have no idea what’s involved in being a member… but dang it.  This small marketing gold mine just gets better.  You must have the privilege of being a member to even have the opportunity to buy super tiny elf…


I think I’ll invent “rocks in a box” and you can put it on your desk… then, when you get distracted, thumbing through your social media feeds…  you have to, I don’t know, tag me in a post with a photo of the rocks dumped on your desk…. or dumped in a glass… or dumped on a shelf next to your elf.

In other words, your task for today is to eat Turkey and celebrate how amazing the tiny elf concept is, cause I’m kinda jealous!

Happy Thanksgiving.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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