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Episode #365 – Get It, Got It, Good.

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“Surround yourself with people who get it.”

I’m glad you’re here and ready to make a difference in your customer’s day!  Notice I typed, “day” not life.  Your responsibility is to make a difference on a daily basis, each day that you have the relationship.

This is how the Infinity Marketing Machine differs from advertising.  You are not here to buy an ad you are here to build a relationship.  This requires you to make the commitment to provide information your customer wants to receive.

That sounds like an easy and straight forward task… yet, in practice… it’s a little more difficult.  You have much to do with your business.  Every day you do hundreds of tasks to keep the business going, everything from ordering inventory to emptying garbage cans.  Whatever it takes to make your business function you do!

Therefore, creating a basic task like the Infinity Marketing Machine’s content creation task, seems easy — but for some reason all of a sudden you realize it’s the day you need to post and BOOM you’ve got nothing!  I’ve done this too… I realize, “crap I need to post today.”

How about this…

You are creating a tribe, the tribe loves your product or service and really likes you… they are actively choosing you… therefore, you need to choose them back!  This happens when you create information they want to read and consume.  So it’s not about creating a post for the heck of posting, this is about sharing information with a group of people that think you’re rockstar cool!

When you surround yourself with people that “get it” meaning “get you” it becomes much easier to give them the information they crave.

Your desired outcome is to create a pool of customers, Infinity Customers, that are ready and willing to travel your business journey.  You are not alone and you have people cheering you on… as long as you share your journey with them!  Therefore, don’t keep your information a secret.  Create a bond by making the commitment to your tribe and giving them what they want… connection to you!

Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Your Infinity Customers await… create information just for them!  Do it today… talk with them by posting!
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