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Episode #359 – The Why Behind the Buy

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Focus on “…branding the customer experience, not just selling the service.” John Sculley

What’s fun about automatic transmission.  Nothing.  What’s fun about the wind in your hair and Jimmy Buffet on the radio.  Everything.

This is a car.  It happens to be a convertible.  But selling the car as mode of transportation, although accurate, misses the experience of the product!

The same holds for your services.  If you sell that you teach gymnastics to middle school girls you are factually accurate, however, is that what your customers are seeking?  Your customers are seeking a safe environment that fosters self confidence and excels in teaching competitive skills that last a life time.

What Mom doesn’t want that?!  Step out of the selling zone and into the messaging zone!  You need to start speaking your customer’s language. Sure, they’re going to buy your product  or service but get familiar with “the why behind the buy.”

If you have trouble identifying the reason people are buying your services, then as them.  Ask why they are at your business or even what made them choose you.  Usually customers have at least one more choice similar to your services, so it’s important to ask!

When you identify the why you can brand your experience. Huh?  What is branding the experience.  Well, much like a car dealership has a 30 point inspection, develop a catchy slogan to define you in the market place.  The 30 point inspection test helps to calm a customer ‘s fear of getting a lemon… without actually using the word lemon!

These small changes, i.e.,  branding the experience or “identifying the why” will help you to better brand your message and more effectively communicate with your customers. When you communicate most effectively you build a connection and cause a tribe to take hold… this builds community and trust and that’s how you create an Infinity Customer that sticks around for the long haul with you!

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Action Steps
1- Package your services in terms of a catchy message.  Whether it’s a 30 point inspection or the 5 Start Treatment or even the 5 C’s of Building an Infinity Marketing Machine.  It’s the same information, but packaged for memory!
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