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Episode #269 – It’s Your Job to Be Remembered

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“It’s not your customer’s job to remember you. It’s your job to make sure they don’t forget you!” PFrippe

What do you do that makes you unforgettable?  Is that a good thing? haha

If you can’t answer the question of “what makes my business unforgettable?” It’s time to find something!  As a reader of my blog, you know I love chocolate chip cookies.  That’s why a certain hotel chain that offers fresh baked chocolate chip cookies is pretty amazing in my book.

The remarkable concept is not reserved for boutique services either. Yesterday I received a package from China.  About a month ago I ordered a bunch of key chains.  Inside the bundle was a box marked “gift”.  Now, if the providers of low cost trinkets from China “get it” that means you better figure it out pretty quick.

So how do you become remarkable?  Take the most mundane task you offer that everyone in your industry offers and add a surprise.  It’s that simple.  One of the easiest places to begin is the welcome/check in – after all, we already talked about chocolate chip cookies at check in!

How many restaurants have a saying… “Your adventure is about to begin” or “my pleasure” or even at Jimmy Johns everyone says “hello”.  This the first impression you receive in a store, and it’s memorable.

Your restroom is another area where you can make a remarkable impression.  Not just clean, but what about your clock, soap, saying on the wall, or music/sound.  I walked into the restroom of a restaurant in California and the speaker in the ceiling shared silly jokes.  It was different and entertaining

A gift in the package, cookies at check in, or knock knock jokes in the bathroom… each sets apart the company and helps make it memorable.  The goal is to make sure your customers remember you!  Find your “thing” and make it happen!

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Action Steps
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