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Episode #304 – Ever Feel Like the Weed in the Sidewalk?

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“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”

As a child you picked a bunch of dandelions, put them in a dixie cup, and acted like they were flowers.  They looked nice… but come on they’re weeds!

Today, I feel like a weed in the sidewalk!

Here’s why… I have a cold.  It’s a nasty cold. Everything is more difficult… my ear is plugged.  I can hear but it sounds like I’m holding an empty soup can over my ear.  I can’t taste anything… granted, I’m the most plain food person on the planet, so for me to say I can’t taste anything, we’re talking NO FLAVOR going on here.

But let’s look at it this way, I’m a weed growing in the sidewalk.  For a weed to show up in the sidewalk they have to be pretty hardy.  They are growing despite the odds.  If the weed is a dandelion they at least look good.  (I’m not sure I’ve got that “looking good” thing) – but I can hear and eat, so while it’s hard I can keep going.

And that brings us to today’s inspiration.  While you may not be there yet… you’re closer than you were yesterday… but only if you keep going!  That’s the part of the quote they never tell you.  If you don’t keep going someone else will and that puts them ahead of you!  Remember that… when you stop, or stay stationary, someone else will pass you by when they keep going.

That means YOU want to be the weed in the sidewalk – YOU need to keep going.  You may feel like it’s all wrong, but add your beauty to the world! (or someone else will)

Back to coughing!  “I am a dandelion… I am a dandelion”

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Listen to Episode #304 of the Two Minute Commute audio blog Podcast – listen to it… you can tell I have a cold!  hahaha

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