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Episode #310 – Learn to Surf… Or At Least Quit Focusing on Crashing.

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“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf”

Ready to get motivated?  Yep… the waves will keep coming, it’s what you do with them that counts.

There are times it’s much easier to stand on your surfboard and there are other times that jumping up ain’t gonna happen but you’re happy you can still ride along… because crashing hurts.

How’s today going for you? Are you on top of the wave with the breeze in your hair, is it a spectacular crash in progress, or do we have a normal day bobbing up and down in the ocean ready for the next wave?  See… I love my metaphors!

You don’t have to be waiting for a wave, but you should be ready for one.  They’ll come. Never plan for a “spectacular crash” but plan ahead and have a contingency plan ready to go!  There is a difference.

It’s good to know what you’ll do in an emergency or crisis.  That’s why airplanes have the emergency procedures speech.  They want you to know what to do “in the unlikely event of a water landing”.  However, they focus on the snacks, movies, and beverages!

Your day is much the same.  Sure there will be things that come up or things that go wrong… but if you start your day focusing on negative, then negative will find you.  Remember that.  You have control of this and you attract what you believe.  Start your day positive!  Build a board and learn to surf.

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Action Steps
1-  Build your surfboard – meaning get positive.  Do you have a contingency plan for “worst case scenario”?  Create this… then file it and forget it.  That way you can create a positive focus knowing that if something bad happens you’ve got a plan.
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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